Thursday, December 26, 2013

Learn how to unhide files and folders in windows 8 step by step with Picture.

Today will share how to hide folder and files in windows 8.

Note: You can also watch this video tutorial. Just Click here.

Note:  Firstly we must know about "How to show hidden files and folders" Otherwise you can not understand this tutorial. To know about "How to show hidden files and folders" <Click Here>  Then continue this lesson.

Step1: First  Hold press Window button then press R button from your keyboard.

Step2: Run program will display.

Step2: On "Open" text box type "explorer"

Step3: Click OK.

Step4: Windows explorer will come.

Step5: Click "Computer"

Step6: Computer section will come with hard drives.

Step7: For example I open my E drive. Because here are Hidden folders and files.

Step8: You can know about hidden folder by follow the files and folder icon opacity. Hidden folder icon opacity is high. So "Sumit's Dcocuments" is a hidden folder. it also contain some hidden files.

Note: If you can not see your hidden files and folder , "Learn How To Show Hidden Files & Folders In Windows 7" by  Clicking Here.     Then continue from here.

Step9: Click right button over this folder.

Step10: Click Properties.

Step11: Properties window will come.

Step12: Uncheck the Hidden box.

Step13: Click Apply button.

Step14: Confirmation dialogue box will come.

Step15:Check the radio button of "Apply changes to this folder subfolders and files"

Step16:  Click OK.

Step17: Again click OK from Properties window.

Step17: Now this folder and its files unhide successfully. You can see your unhidden folder icon with normal opacity.

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